Auguries of Innocence

Auguries of Innocence is a meditation on the presence of good and evil in the world, and how this can be witnessed in the day-to-day actions of humankind.

The William Blake Society had assigned a rhyming couplet to student designers from the William Blake poem Auguries of Innocence which had to be set by hand, in metal type.

I was short-listed for my entry which encapsulates the couplet “He who the OX to wrath has mov’d Shall never be by Woman lov’d”. I explored the value of the love and life, the yin and yang, and the good and evil in this couplet.

I showed the light and the darkness within the couplet and the whole poem by making the card reflective in certain light and only showing the text in another angle of light. I concentrated on separating the couplet in a way which symbolises the Yin and Yang concept.